Harriet Tubman Center

Statement of The Harriet Tubman/Binghamton University Center in Response to the Murder of George Floyd

 Truth and Reconciliation Panel Announcement


Our mission is to conduct interdisciplinary research on the legacy of slavery and freedom in American history and public policy; finally, we hope to enhance Binghamton University's reputation as a place for innovation, cutting edge research and practical solutions to longstanding historical problems.

Goals of Center

The overall goal of our not-for-profit Center is to become a regionally and internationally recognized think tank on issues relating to American freedom and equity. Our intention is to steer the research, writing and programs of the center towards the following priorities:

  • Public History and Equity
  • Educational Equity
  • Medicine/STEM fields and Equity

 Harriet Tubman

Why establish a Center for Freedom and Equity at Binghamton University?

The year 2019 marks 400 years of the presence of people of African descent in British Colonial America.  Such an important milestone presents us with the perfect opportunity to examine closely issues relating to freedom and equity. Freedom is a fundamental human right and it is a core value in America and the world. The Declaration of IndependenceThe US Constitution and The Bill of Rights granted Americans priceless freedoms. The unprecedented nature of these documents reflecting some of the highest ideals ever espoused by any government garnered admiration from around the world. The delegates of the different states represented at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, however, sidestepped the issue of slavery, yet it has profoundly influence the course of American history. They left this question to future generations, and it took a Civil War and the Civil Rights movement to make the words of  The Declaration of Independence, that “all men are created equal” a reality.