Postponed Until Fall 2020 Announcement

Inaugural Flyer

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Binghamton University
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902

The event will be a conference program centered on the themes and issues raised in the widely acclaimed  New York Times magazine 1619 Project that commemorates the 400th anniversary of African presence in British Colonial America.  There will be poetry reading, singing and a reception.


  • Professor Mary Frances Berry, the preeminent historian and former Chairwoman, United States Civil Rights Commission
  • Professor Fred Hickling, acclaimed psychiatrist and scholar, Emeritus at the University of West Indies, Jamaica
  • Dr. Hilary Robertson Hickling, author, Immigration expert and scholar at the University of West Indies, Jamaica
  • Dr. Calvin Mackie, Managing Partner, Channel ZerO Group, LLC
    Chair, Louisiana Council on the Social Status of Black Boys and Men
    Former Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Tulane University

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The 1619 Project  

The 1619 Project: Examining the legacy of slavery in America by The New York Times Magazine