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UTS Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between tutoring appointments and walk-in tutoring?
    Students may schedule tutoring appointments online through TutorTrac for two hours per week per course for up to three courses. Walk-in tutoring occurs in residential communities at designated times and does not count toward the weekly maximum of tutoring hours. Click here for the walk-in tutoring schedule.
  • How long are tutoring appointments?
    Most tutoring sessions are one hour long. Writing appointments are 30 minutes.
  • For what courses does University Tutorial Services provide tutors?
    Click here to see a current list of courses for which we offer tutoring.
  • Can I schedule a tutor for all of my courses?
    Students may schedule tutoring for three courses.
  • There is no tutor offered for my course…
    Be sure to search TutorTrac first. If the search produces no results, fill out the Help Form on the TutorTrac homepage. If five students request tutoring for a course we do not currently offer, University Tutorial Services will search for a tutor.
  • How much does tutoring cost?
    University Tutorial Services provides tutoring free of charge to all Binghamton University students!
  • How do I cancel a tutoring appointment?
    To cancel an appointment, login to TutorTrac with your PODS username and password. A list of upcoming appointments appears on your welcome screen. Click on the ‘X’ next to the appointment you would like to cancel.
  • Is there a penalty for cancelling an appointment?
    UTS requests that if students must cancel an appointment, they do so with a minimum of 12 hours notice. Cancelling an appointment with less than 12 hours notice will be considered a missed appointment. Four missed appointments will result in the loss of tutoring privileges. Frequent cancellations will be tracked, and students will lose their tutoring privileges.
  • What happens if I miss an appointment?
    Four missed tutoring appointments will result in the loss of tutoring privileges. Note that failure to sign in at a tutoring appointment or cancelling with less than 12 hours notice are each tracked as missed appointments. If an extenuating circumstance arises that does not allow 12 hours notice, please notify UTS via email at
  • Is there anything I need to do before tutoring?
    Tutors are not expected to re-teach course material. Therefore, be sure to review course material and come prepared with questions. Also, tutors are NOT permitted to complete homework assignments, quizzes, tests, or online assignments with or for students.
  • When should I sign up for a tutor?
    Tutoring is most effective when it is utilized on a regular basis. We HIGHLY recommend signing up for a tutor as early as possible, NOT right before an exam. UTS tutoring is provided on a recurring, weekly basis and is designed to improve overall critical thinking and analytical skills across disciplines; it is not intended to serve as crisis management.
  • Is one-on-one tutoring available?
    Due to the number of students seeking tutoring, one-on-one tutoring is not available. There are some exceptions for writing and language tutors. Ask your writing/language tutor or email for more information.
  • Where is University Tutorial Services (UTS) located?
    • The The UTS administrative office is located in the CIW Library in the Iroquois Commons.
    • The Mountainview Student Success Center is located downstairs in Mountainview College’s Appalachian Dining Hall.
    • The Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center (C4) is located in between the Dickinson and Newing College residential communities (upstairs from the Newing Dining Hall).
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  • How do I become a tutor?
    Applications for fall 2015 openings will be available on Wednesday, March 11, 2016 at 5pm. Applications will be accepted until Friday, April 3, 2016 at 5pm.
  • Who can I contact with questions?
    You may call the University Tutorial Services (UTS) front desk at 607-777-9235, email or Lisa Bennett (Assistant Director & Tutoring Coordinator) at, or stop by the UTS front desk in the CIW Library.
  • What are the CIW Library hours?
    The CIW Library is open:
    • Monday-Thursday – 8am-midnight
    • Friday – 8am-6pm
    • Saturday – 12pm-6pm
    • Sunday – 12pm-midnight

Last Updated: 8/22/16