Financial Aid Not Showing on Bill?

  • Not seeing Federal Direct Student Loans?

    Reason: There could be multiple reasons a loan does not show as a credit on your bill. This could be due to less than 6- credit enrollment, a missing high school transcript, Entrance Counseling or Master Promissory Note (MPN).

    Check your financial aid status:

    Log into Binghamton's portal at
    Click on the BU BRAIN Self Service icon on the top of the page.
    Once in BU BRAIN
    Click on "FINANCIAL AID" tab
    Then, click on "ELIGIBILITY" to view "UNSATISFIED REQUIREMENTS" that may result in aid NOT being credited on your bill.

    Your next steps

    You must first accept your loan(s) via BU BRAIN. First-time borrowers must also complete the following requirements:

    Federal Direct Student Loans

    First-time borrowers must complete an MPN for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans and Entrance Counseling online before the loan can credit the student's account and disburse.

    You will need your FSA ID and password to log in.

  • Not seeing alternative of private loans?

    Reason: Funds from private lender(s) are ONLY CREDITED when funds are received by Student Accounts at Binghamton University.

    Your next steps

    If funds were certified and appeared on your financial aid award offer, but were not received by the school yet, contact your lender(s) directly to determine when funds will be sent to Student Accounts. Note: All disclosures and self-certification forms must be completed and on file with lender before funds will be disbursed to school.

    Credit for recently received funds will appear on future bill statement(s). This can be viewed on QuikPay.

  • Not seeing Federal Work Study?

    Reason: If you were awarded Federal Work Study (FWS), this would appear in your financial aid award offer, which can be viewed on BU BRAIN.

    FWS students are paid directly (via a paycheck) therefore FWS is not applied as a credit on a student's semester bill.

    Your next steps

    Students must have FWS as part of their financial aid in order to apply for FWS positions.

    To view FWS employment opportunities posted online by the University and area employers, log into hireBING

  • Have we received a final high school transcript?

    In order to receive financial aid credit on your bill and/or generate a refund (if applicable), you must submit a FINAL high school transcript to:

    Binghamton University
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    PO Box 6001
    Binghamton, NY 13902-6001.

  • Not seeing outside scholarships? 

    Reason: Private, outside scholarships are only credited when funds are received by Student Accounts at Binghamton University.

    Your next steps

    Contact the organization that awarded your scholarship and ensure they have sent the funding. If so, contact Student Accounts

  • Not seeing a Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS loan?


    • A bill credit for the PLUS loan could be missing for a variety of reasons.
    • The PLUS application has not been completed or received.
    • The PLUS MPN has not been signed or received.
    • The PLUS loan can take up to a week to apply to the bill after the application is completed and approved.

    Your next steps

    • Check your application and that an MPN for the type of PLUS loan you applied for is on file.
    • First time parent PLUS or graduate PLUS borrowers must complete an online PLUS MPN and Entrance Counseling.  Notification of your approval will be sent to Binghamton University.
    • For Parent PLUS loans, a refund, if applicable, will be made out to either the student or parent based on parent preference noted on their application.
  • Not seeing SUNY Tuition Credit?

    Reason: Must be a New York state resident and have completed a TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) Application.

    The SUNY Tuition Credit will be awarded and available for credit toward the bill once a student's New York state TAP award status listed in BU BRAIN is "Confirmed by NYS Agency."

    Your next steps

    If not confirmed, go to, or call NYSHESC at 1-888-697-4372. Ensure that your TAP application is complete.
    Binghamton University's TAP School Code is 0880.

  • Not seeing TAP or a NYS Scholarship, including Excelsior?

    Reason for not seeing TAP:

    • Must be a New York state resident and have completed a TAP application.
    • After New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) receives and verifies your information from filing the TAP application, Binghamton University is notified of your award status. The award will then be changed from the original Estimated amount to an amount Confirmed by NYS Agency. Once confirmed, the award will appear as a credit toward the bill, pending final TAP certification during the 5th week of classes, and pay during the 6th week of classes.
    • Note: the Confirmed TAP award may be different than the original Estimated TAP award due to verification of income information completed by HESC.
    • To verify that your TAP award is confirmed, go to BU BRAIN, Financial Aid tab, Award section.

    Your next steps:

    • If not confirmed, go to, or set up an appointment to speak with a HESC representative at Ensure that your TAP application is complete.
    • Binghamton University's TAP School Code is 0880.

    Reason for not seeing other New York state scholarships, including Excelsior:


    • Must apply for New York state scholarships by going to
    • Must apply for the Excelsior Scholarship by the application deadline.The 2021-22 application deadline was August 31.
    • After HESC verifies, approves eligibility, and you have signed any applicable scholarship contract, Binghamton University will be notified of your award status and funds will appear as a credit toward the bill.
    • Check your billing statement in QuikPAY for an updated award.

    Your next steps

    For questions about a NYS scholarship or your student's eligibility, go to or set up an appointment with a HESC representative at

Note: If there are any unsatisfied requirements for financial aid this can cause your aid to not credit towards your bill. You can check if you have any unsatisfied requirements by logging into your BU Brain account and following the steps below:
1. Login to the Portal at
2. Click on the BU BRAIN Self Service icon on top of the page.
3. Go to the FINANCIAL AID tab, select ELIGIBILITY; choose the appropriate year when prompted for Award Year.