SB Park to receive excellence in mechanics award

Professor SB Park from the Mechanical Engineering Department will receive the Excellence in Mechanics Award Aug. 30, 2018, from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Electronics and Photonic Packaging Division.

The award is in recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering and is only given once to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in the engineering and science of structural mechanics of electronic systems. However, if you ask Park, he will humbly say, "I did not do much other than performing as usual."

Park is the director of the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) and the Optomechanics and Physical Reliability Laboratory at Binghamton University.

He started his academic career at Binghamton University in 2002, and his expertise in micro/nano mechanics and optomechanics contributes to the center in conducting on-going and prospective projects.

Park first began his professional career at IBM Microelectronics Division where he conducted numerous analyses to put products out on time. Later he was engaged in the reliability engineering responsible for the reliability of flip-chip technology and high-performance packaging.

The award will be given at the 2018 International Technical Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems (InterPACK) in San Francisco.

IEEC held its Technical Advisory Board (TAB) at Binghamton University's Center of Excellence.

The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) held its Technical Advisory Board (TAB) June 12, 2018 at Binghamton University's Center of Excellence. Associate Director, Benson Chan announced the 2018-2019 Pooled Research Projects. Six projects will receive funding at $50,000 and three projects will received "seed" funding at $25,000. A total of nineteen projects were submitted. The 2018-2019 projects are:

  • Beyond Silicone Elastomer - Ahyeon Koh
  • Computational Study on the Mechanical Properties of Bi alloys for Pb-free Solder - Manuel Smeu
  • Micron-level Thermal and Mechanical Characterization of Thermal Interface Materials to Understand Material Variability to Prevent Hot-Spot - Scott Schiffres
  • Properties and Use of Fused Nano-Particles – Peter Borgesen
  • Smart Chip Mounting Process Control in PCB Assembly Process via Artificial Intelligence - Daehan Won and Sang Won Yoon
  • Toward Green and Biodegradable Electronics: Paper-based Printed Circuit Boards - Seokheun Choi
  • The Behavior of PbFree Solder Joints Containing Bi: High Melt -Low Melt Solder Interconnect Structures for SMT Applications - Eric Cotts and Nikolay Dimitrov
  • DasPritramThree Phase High Power Density Wide Band Gap (WBG) Devices and Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Components Based AC to DC Power Converters for More Electric Aircraft System -
  • Tomographic Characterization of Waveguides Fabricated by Laser Direct Writing – Bonggu Shim

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Binghamton University's days at ASE

S.B. Park, Director of the IEEC and Benson Chan, Associate Director of the IEEC traveled with the S3IP Team to San Jose, CA to meet with over 20 companies during S3IP Industry Day, June 18-19. Presentation topics included:

  • Thermal management, failure analysis, reliability improvement, material properties and mechanics for electronics manufacturing, including heterogeneous integration
  • Advances in Industry 4.0 automation for electronics manufacturing lines
  • Progress in the commercialization of flexible hybrid electronics

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Debbie Dittrich shares her experience working at IEEC

Debbie Dittrich is a Research Support Specialist who has been a staff member for the IEEC for fifteen years. She primarily does the tear down analysis of electronics for various companies. She also does failure analysis of circuit package manufacturing problems. Debbie's focus is providing cross sections, digital images and measurements of the components in the products she receives. She also does work with x-ray and SEM. Debbie was previously employed by IBM Endicott Microelectronics Division and IBM Owego Circuit Packaging Division for seventeen years before coming to the IEEC. Her most recent work has been evaluating the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 (provided by Prismark Partners) by using x-ray imaging and cross-sectioning.

The measurements she takes can vary depending on what the product is, and what elements of the electronic device are of interest. Once the sample has been ground to the appropriate plane it must be highly polished to ensure the clearest surface for measurements. She uses a Nikon camera to take images of the cross-section which are then analyzed for measurements. Debbie has also done work with watches, other Apple products, and speakers from phones.

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IEEC presented 9 research papers at ECTC in San Diego, California

The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) spent the week of May 28th at ECTC in San Diego, California. The IEEC had nine papers/presentations at ECTC, which included:

  • Comprehensive Study on 2.5D Package Design for Board-Level Reliability in Thermal Cycling and Power Cycling Shuai Shao, Yuling Niu, Jing Wang, Ruiyang Liu, and Seungbae Park – Binghamton University; Hohyung Lee, Gamal Refai-Ahmed, Laurene Yip – Xilinx, Inc.
  • Design Guideline of 2.5D Package with Emphasis on Warpage Control and Thermal Management Jisun Hong and Kyongsei Cho – Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.; Seungbae Park, Shuai Shao, Yuling Niu, Huayan Wang, and Van Lai Pham – Binghamton University
  • Effects of the Interlayer Thickness and Alloying on the Reliability of Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) Bonding Junghyun Cho and Fei Dong – Binghamton University; Liang Yin and David Shaddock – GE Global Research
  • Effects of Laser Selective Reflow on Solder Joint Microstructure and Reliability Luke Wentlent – Universal Instruments Corp.; Mohammed Genanu, Thaer Alghoul, and Peter Borgesen – Binghamton University; Jim Wilcox – Universal Instruments Corp; Francis Mutuku – Indium Corporation
  • Experimentally Minimizing the Gap Distance Between Extra Tall Packages and PCB Using the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Method Van Lai Pham, Yuling Niu, Jing Wang, Huayang Wang, Shuai Shao, Charandeep Singh and Seungbae Park – Binghamton University; Cheng Zhong, Sau Wee Koh and Jifan Wang – Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Low Temperature Solder Attach of SnAgCu Bumped Components for a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Based Medical Monitor Thaer Alghoul, Manu Yadav, Sanoop Thekkut, Rajesh Sivasubramony, Christopher Greene, Mark Poliks, and Peter Borgesen – Binghamton University; Luke Wentlent and Michael Meilunas – Universal Instruments; Nancy Stoffel, David Shaddock and Liang Yin – GE Global Research
  • Mechanical Strength Characterization of Direct Bond Interfaces for 3D-IC and MEMS Applications B. Lee, R. Katkar, G. Gao, G. Fountain, S. Lee, L. Wang, C. Mandalapu, C. Uzoh and L. Mirkarimi – Xperi; B. Sykes and M. Litjens – Xyztec; Y. Niu, S. Shao, J. Wang and S. Park – Binghamton University
  • Modeling and Design of 2.5D Package With Mitigated Warpage and Enhanced Thermo-Mechanical Reliability Jing Wang, Yuling Niu, and Seungbae Park – Binghamton University; Alexander Yatskov – Juniper Networks
  • The Experimental and Numerical Study of Electromigration in 2.5D Packages Jiefeng Xu, Yuling Niu, Stephen R. Cain, and S.B. Park – Binghamton University; Scott McCann, Hohyung Lee, and Gamal Refai-Ahmed – Xilinx, Inc

In addition to the papers, IEEC Director, SB Park served as Session Chair for the Applied Reliability session, and IEEC Associate Director, Benson Chan served as Session Chair for the Emerging Technologies Joint with Advanced Packaging session.

For more information about research and the IEEC at Binghamton University, please contact Benson Chan or SB Park. The IEEC team is already looking forward to ECTC 2019 – May 28-31, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.