LACAS Events


LACAS Events:


  • Past LACAS Events


    • Café con LACAS (weekly event)
    • Screening of Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (speaker: Carole Boyce Davies)
    • Faculty/Graduate Student/Staff Potluck
    • Drug War Capitalism: Corporate Power, Capital Accumulation and U.S. Drug Enforcement Policy Making (Speaker: Horace Bartilow)
    • Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde (Free Concert)
    •  ¡Retumba! Echoes of a Sacred Legacy! The Popping workshop: M.A.Z.E. (Movement Activates Zoedic Energy) (Speaker: Jorge "Pop Master Fabel" Pabon)


    • Café con Leche (weekly event)
    • Lessons from El Salvador: The Crisis of Migration  (Speaker: Zulma Tobar of US - El Salvador Sister Cities & Bernardo Belloso, President of the Association for Rural Development of El Salvador, CRIPDES).
    • Fourth Biennial Undergraduate Research Conference: Activism of the Mind: Producing Knowledge of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Diasporas  (Speaker:  Xhercis Mendez) 


    • Pura Belpré: A Puerto Rican Librarian in 1920s NYC (Speaker:  Gladys Jiménez-Muñoz)
    • LACAS Open House


    • "Making Cuban Stars: Reflections on US-Cuban History and Migrations Through Baseball" (Speaker: Adrian Burgos)
    • “From Citizens to Natives: Tropical Politics of Depopulation at the  Panama Canal Zone” (Speaker: Marixa Lasso)
    • “An Island in the Modern World: On Coexistance in Hispaniola” (Speaker: Silvio Torres-Saillant)
    • "Remapping Chinese Medicine Overseas: The Case of Peru" (Speaker: Patricia Palma)
    • "La batalla de los Invisibles: Indocumentados vs. supermercados" - Film Screening (Speaker: Manuel de Alba)
    • "The Currency of Créolité in the Francophone Caribbean" (Speaker: Lydie Moudileno)
    • Third Biennial Undergraduate Research Conference (Speaker: Gladys Jimenez- Muños)
    • "From Amazons to Zombies: The Monstrous Caribbean" (Speaker: Persephone Braham)
    • "Housing is a Human Right! The Dignified Fight for Homes in Mexico City and Beyond" (Speaker: Luis Saracho, Union de vecionos damnificados 19 de septiembre and Mexico Solidarity Network)

    For more information about events from 2015 - 2004 please contact the department.